LaTeX3 programming

As yet, there is no book « Programming in LaTeX3 », and even if such a thing existed there would be lots of gaps. So there is no comprehensive support.

However, there are some “resources”:

  • The « introduction to LaTeX3 ideas » in the expl3

documentation gives a broad-brush overview of the concepts.
  • Joseph Wright has written a short series of

[[|blog posts]],
which may help.
  • There is also a complete command reference in the

:ctanpkg:`interface3 <l3kernel>` document.

The documents are still subject to development; some of the broader design issues are discussed on the LaTeX mailing list latex-l — you may subscribe to that list by sending a message by sending a message

''subscribe latex-l <//your name//>''

to <a href= » »></a>

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