Proof environment

It was long thought impossible to make a proof environment which automatically includes an « end-of-proof » symbol. Some proofs end in displayed maths; others do not. If the input file contains ...\] \end{proof} then LaTeX finishes off the displayed maths and gets ready for a new line before it reads any instructions connected with ending the proof, so the code is very tricky. You can insert the symbol by hand, but the (apparently) original « automatic » solution came with Paul Taylor’s QED.

Nowadays, the ntheorem package now solves the problem for LaTeX users: it provides an automatic way of signalling the end of a proof.

The AMSLaTeX package amsthm also provides a proof environment that does the job; though you need to insert a \qedhere command if the proof ends with a displayed equation:

    maths... \tag*{\qedhere}

The \tag*{\qedhere} construction may be used in any of AMSLaTeX’s numbering environments.

Source: Proof environment