Making outline fonts from MetaFont

TeXtrace, originally developed by Péter Szabó, is a bundle of Unix scripts that use Martin Weber’s freeware boundary tracing package `autotrace <>__ to generate Type 1 outline fonts from MetaFont bitmap font outputs. The result is unlikely ever to be of the quality of the commercially-produced Type 1 font, but there’s always theFontForge <>__ font editor to tidy things. Whatever, there remain fonts which many people find useful and which fail to attract the paid experts, and auto-tracing is providing a useful service here. Notable sets of fonts generated usingTeXtraceare Péter Szabó’s own EC/TC font settt2001and Vladimir Volovich’s CM-Super set, which covers the EC, TC, and the Cyrillic LH font sets (for details of both of which sets, see »8-bit » type 1 fonts <FAQ-type1T1>`__).

Another system, which arrived slightly later, is `mftrace <>__: this is a small Python program that does the same job.Mftracemay use eitherautotrace(likeTeXtrace) or Peter Selinger’spotrace <>__ to produce the initial outlines to process.Mftraceis said to be more flexible, and easier to use, than isTeXtrace`, but both systems are increasingly being used to provide Type 1 fonts to the public domain.

The MetaType1 system aims to use MetaFont font sources, by way of MetaPost and a bunch of scripts and so on, to produce high-quality Type 1 fonts. The first results, the Latin Modern fonts, are now well-established, and a bunch of existing designs have been reworked in MetaType1 format.

Mf2pt1 is another translator of MetaFont font sources by way of MetaPost; in addition, available, mf2pt1 will use `fontforge <>__ (if it’s available) to auto-hint the result of its conversion. (Mf2pt1 is also written in ``perl`.)

Source: Making outline fonts from MetaFont