The TeX collection

If you don’t have access to the Internet, there are obvious attractions to TeX collections on a disc. Even those with net access will find large quantities of TeX-related files to hand a great convenience.

The TeX collection provides this, together with ready-to-run TeX systems for various architectures. The collection is distributed on DVD, and contains:

  • The TeX Live distribution, including the programs themselves

compiled for a variety of architectures; TeX Live may be
run from the DVD or installed on hard disc.
  • MacTeX: an easy to install TeX system for MacOS/X, based

on TeX Live; this distribution includes a native Mac installer,
[[|the TeXShop front-end]]
and other Mac-specific tools;
  • ProTeXt: an easy to install TeX system for Windows, based

on MiKTeX, based on an "active" document that guides
installation; and
  • A snapshot of CTAN.

A fair number of national TeX User Groups, as well as TUG, distribute copies to their members at no extra charge. Some user groups are also able to sell additional copies: contact your local user group or TUG.

You may also download disc images from CTAN; the installation disc, ProTeXt and MacTeX are all separately available. Beware: they are all pretty large downloads. TeX Live, once installed, may be updated online.

More details of the collection are available from

[[|its own web page]]
on the TUG site.

Source: The TeX collection